Why Choose Us?

Freshly Made Scents mission is to provide the best natural products as possible. We thrive on making sure that our customers are satisfied with our products. We pour a lot of love into what we have and ensuring that they are created just right.

I bought the beard oil for my fiance and bath bomb for myself. To start off the packaging was beautifully made. The beard oil keeps his hair moisturized and it smells amazing!!! Every time he puts it on, I rub on his beard (just a little extra massage 😜). The bath bomb was very relaxing and smelled good too. Great way to get a little you time (especially when you have kids). Mrs. Webb was very quick on responding to my messages and she's very knowledgeable on her products. I love supporting black owned businesses and this is definitely one that I highly recommend and will continue to support.

Kansas City, Missouri

Great oil!!! Keeps my beard soft,moisturize, shinning & it smell fire!!! 

Ralph Smith
Kansas City, Missouri

The body butter's are a good natural moisturizer for extremely dry skin on hands, feet, legs, and elbows. The body butter really help my hands, which tend to get cracked and scaly especially in winter and now with covid I'm washing my hands and using sanitizer more so my hands are always dry. I really like the fact that the body butter have a light and subtle scent, which is very pleasant!! That reason alone is why I have bought several jars for myself and a few jars as gifts!! Also a little really goes a long way!

Dallas, Texas

Got the beard oil and boss butter. They both are amazing I've been looking for beard oil that will hydrate my face smell amazing and leave my beard shining for the rest of the day and now I'm finally happy to say I've found that product! I also wash my hands all the time so they are really dry and boss butter moisturizes and keeps body hydrated and not dry or ashy all day.

Overland Park, KS

Meet the Owner's

Mr. & Mrs. Webb


Sar'el and Yardena founded Freshly Made Scents in 2020 a little after the pandemic had started. They have 3 children, two boys and one girl. Stepping out on faith and trusting in The Most High Yah, they wanted natural products without all the harsh chemicals. So they decided to research and create products that were good on the body not only externally, but internally as well. 

They take great pride in making sure that their customers are happy not just with their products but with their services as well.



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